Friday, February 4, 2011

UGH! Ice!

My boys were so sad we didn't get snow and ice is very scary! We will be making a few changes on this weekend's event in hope to keep all of you safe.

P.J. Crop tonight February 4th has been moved to tomorrow night. I feel pretty confident you may be able to arrive safely however returning home after the roads start to freeze again is not safe. They say we will not be having freezing weather tomorrow so I would love to have everyone over tomorrow night for a warm home cooked meal, a make-n-take and a scrapp'n good time.

Lickety Slip Class for February 5th will be delayed for two hours. We will let the sun do it's job to melt the roads and we will have class at 12:00 (noon). If you live so far away and still feel it is unsafe to travel please do not try to come. I will save your kit for you and you will be able to get it when it is safer to travel.

Savvy Swap will also be delayed to begin tomorrow at 3:00pm

P.J. Crop will begin at 6:00 pm

Stay warm and be safe. It is a great day to create memories with your loved ones!

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