Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Millie's Memories

Another great class by Millie.

We love having you come and join us for class. In order for us to keep up with the same amount of top quality layouts in our classes we find it necessary to increase our prices. We know these are tight times and we have tried very hard to not make this adjustment, however if we are ever going to be able to offer you a friendly location with everyday low prices we must make this move. Thank you for your understanding and your support.

Karrie & Millie

Happy Scrapp'n

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly layout!

Birthdays are so special and so fun to scrap. . . In the April Razzill Dazzill Bazzill Class we will be celebrating Bazzill's 10th Birthday. All four class layouts will
have a birthday theme. We will be giving prizes from Bazzill's newest release. To play you need to make a comment on the March Razzill Dazzill Bazzill post telling me which of the four layouts is your favorite and why. A winner will be selected from a random drawing done by the computer. Make your post today, I can't wait to hear what you have to say! You do not need to be attending class or live in Houston to win.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photoshoppin' Update

Douglas is hard at work on this class. He has already got some of his handouts together and they look great! We also have great news! I was able to pull him away from his graphic design duties at Bazzill for another weekend this year. The class was 120 dollars to cover the cost of his materials and his flights. However, with the excitement and interest shown, we signed him up for two sessions and we were able to drop the price to 75 dollars. He will be here for the weekend in July to teach 6 hours packed with various techniques for all skill levels. Then he will be back in October for another round. Just to show you his interest level he even designed this logo for the class. You can reserve your spot right here on the right side of my blog at the bottom of the class role.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Razzill Dazzill Bazzill !

Morning class starts a 10 am and the evening class starts a 6 pm!

Tools needed: Trimmer, Adhesive, tape runner, glue dots, glossy accents, pop dots, Bazzill In-Stitchz mat, piercer and needle, Templates, 8" circle, Granny, Silly, Heidi's handwriting or any words (handsome, funny, silly, family, etc. . . and Bring Me Flowers, Exacto knife and cutting mat, Bazzill Jewel Squeezers (tweezers), Garden Template, borders Template, Fiskars Leaf border punch, Martha Stewart Eyelet lace corner and border set, and anyny photo corner punch
pencil , ruler

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly layout!

Enjoy this wonderful spring weather and take lots of pictures!

Happy Scrapp'n!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. Linken, my amazing grandson!

I was so excited to finally meet this little boy. It made driving in a car for 20 hours worth every minute. What joy it brings you to see your children become parents. I am so proud of my children, both grandchildren were born early and very tiny. Nikki and Rachel are both loving moms and have taken the challenge of a preemie baby and excelled!

He is so sweet. His cry is so soft and cute and looks like an angel when he is sleeping

He looks at all of us with his little eyebrows tight as if he is very serious. I get the feeling he thinks we are all pretty silly as we koo and fuss over him to get him to smile. He watches us very close then he will flare out his nostrils. We all laugh and then the eyebrows come into action (too funny). He is so easy going and very patient.I took the opportunity for a photo shoot while this little man was wide a wake at 10 pm. I put him in his too big St Patrick's day outfit and had fun doing many poses. He is pretty good at holding up his head so we did some tummy time and to our surprise this little guy rolled over. Of course we wanted to see him do it again and he did but this time faster. I told Douglas to get out his video camera so we can catch it on film. Linken,however, had to remind us that he is man of the house and will roll when he wants to . UGH! I even tried to take off the big out fit so he could have more control over his little legs. So I got into his toys and played with him to see if he can focus in on them and sure enough he would watch it go from side to side and up and down. It was great entertainment watching him focus in on his frog and follow it as we moved it around.

Last night I got to spend the night so Nikki could have a full night sleep for her birthday. Oh what fun for me. I love having this time to bond with this little man. Bath time is always a favorite for me!

They always look so cute wrapped in their bath towel and smell so good after bath time.

I love being a grandma and can't wait to scrap these pictures.

Happy Scrapp'n

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Layout!

Happy Spring! This layout was designed by Millie. She made the layout of her two boys and titled it brothers, however you can titled it anything you would like because the kit will include the Bazzill White to make any title.

Happy Scrapp'n Savvy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A special gift!

Right after marriage my new husband and I headed for Provo Utah. Mike was attending BYU and I was working as a back office nurse for Doctor Moore. It was a wonderful time for us. Not even two months into my new job we learned we had a surprise coming. Being so young and so far away from family made pregnancy a little scary, however we were surrounded by great people. I felt great support not only from my friends at church but from the staff I worked with and the loving patients I was serving. One of my favorite gifts came from a patient who handmade a beautiful blue dress. I had no idea if I was going to have a "Jared" or a "Jenika" but I would look at that dress and dream of my little girl wearing it. Jared came and the dress was lovingly put in my cedar chess. During the next pregnancy the dress was hung up to air out in anticipation for Jenika to join the family. Douglas came and the dress was tucked back into the chess. The story repeats itself with Kurtis and Derek. When pregnant with Alec I didn't even bring it out, however with my sixth pregnancy the dress was unpacked because this time my sonogram said, "It's a girl". Dillon looked nothing like a girl when he was born so the dress was packed away. I almost gave it away several times and now I am so glad I kept this special gift. What a joy it was to see my granddaughter wear the dress intended for her daddy so many years ago. Thank you Rachel for allowing me to have these special moments with Tori. I love you so much. You are a wonderful mother and I am so grateful Jared and Tori have you. You did an amazing job on the slip for the dress!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Indiana Scrapper

Scrapbookers are amazing people. I loved the gals in Indiana. Camp Campy is a wonderful location for a scrapbooking weekend. Suzie at Just a Little Bit More, knows how to plan a party

These ladies get their own 8ft table and electricity, super sleep arrangements and yummy food. These gals are set for a weekend of scrapp'n. Some bring their own chair and a rug for the floor as well as an additional side table. One gal had finished 30 layouts in just the first day. It was a great experience for me. I had a wonderful time and I look forward to returning.

I want to thank Mr Bazzill for supplying me with some fun prizes and I want to Thank you for having me Suzie.

I hope you all walked away from my class feeling you have learned something new!

Keep on Scrapp'n my new friends

Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting ready for class in Indy!

Rachel and Tori have been wonderful helpers. Well Rachel has been a GREAT help and Tori, hmmmmm -she is just plain fun! It has been fun watching her better her fine motor skills in her hands as she discovers new textures in scrapbooking supplies. Her cry melts my heart and her smile brightens my day. I am so grateful for this time to have with this super cute family.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Heritage Memories - WOW!

My mom is amazing. Most people would sit back and relax to let their body heal. My mom has every reason to do just that. I know the love she has for me and her students is her driving force. She would not let a major broken wrist stop you. These layouts were completely designed and assembled by my right handed mom who broke her right wrist. Many have offered to help her but she wouldn't have it. This amazing person has shown me time and time again when you fall you just get up and try again. I hope these layouts will inspire you as much as the designer inspires everyone she meets.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Photoshoppin' 101

Do you have old photos to restore? Acne to remove? Is that dreaded red eye haunting some of your favorite photographs? Is something lingering in the background of a photo that you wish would go away? Or are wrinkles making you looking older than you want to? Let me help you get rid of it! I have hired my son, Douglas, to teach us the scrapp'n side of Photoshop. He will teach the basics in this class. This class will be offered two different days. The class will include 6 hours of instructional time broken up by a one hour lunch break where lunch will be provided. The student teacher ratio will be small which will warrant plenty of one on one time. You will have a completed project to take home to your family and show off the COOL techniques you just learned. Interested? Sign up now this class is in high demand and seats will go fast. Sign up is in the sidebar with my other classes. The classes are July 16th and 17th from 9am-4pm with lunch from Noon to One.
See you there! Happy Scrapp'n!

Weekly Layout

It is Rodeo Time in Houston! I have never enjoyed the rodeo until I came to the Houston Rodeo. It was especially wonderful going with all of my boys and my two daughters.