Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. Linken, my amazing grandson!

I was so excited to finally meet this little boy. It made driving in a car for 20 hours worth every minute. What joy it brings you to see your children become parents. I am so proud of my children, both grandchildren were born early and very tiny. Nikki and Rachel are both loving moms and have taken the challenge of a preemie baby and excelled!

He is so sweet. His cry is so soft and cute and looks like an angel when he is sleeping

He looks at all of us with his little eyebrows tight as if he is very serious. I get the feeling he thinks we are all pretty silly as we koo and fuss over him to get him to smile. He watches us very close then he will flare out his nostrils. We all laugh and then the eyebrows come into action (too funny). He is so easy going and very patient.I took the opportunity for a photo shoot while this little man was wide a wake at 10 pm. I put him in his too big St Patrick's day outfit and had fun doing many poses. He is pretty good at holding up his head so we did some tummy time and to our surprise this little guy rolled over. Of course we wanted to see him do it again and he did but this time faster. I told Douglas to get out his video camera so we can catch it on film. Linken,however, had to remind us that he is man of the house and will roll when he wants to . UGH! I even tried to take off the big out fit so he could have more control over his little legs. So I got into his toys and played with him to see if he can focus in on them and sure enough he would watch it go from side to side and up and down. It was great entertainment watching him focus in on his frog and follow it as we moved it around.

Last night I got to spend the night so Nikki could have a full night sleep for her birthday. Oh what fun for me. I love having this time to bond with this little man. Bath time is always a favorite for me!

They always look so cute wrapped in their bath towel and smell so good after bath time.

I love being a grandma and can't wait to scrap these pictures.

Happy Scrapp'n


  1. What fun, I have been waiting to see some pictures of you and little Linken and hear about your times together. See you soon, Leslie

  2. I have been waiting to see pictures and hear about precious Linken :-)

    See you soon, Leslie

  3. awww so cute:) seems like your loving being a grandma :)

  4. I absolutely adore this post!! I can't get enough of those adorable pictures of Linken. =D I really love how almost every picture of him shows his nostrils flaring. How funny!