Thursday, March 11, 2010

A special gift!

Right after marriage my new husband and I headed for Provo Utah. Mike was attending BYU and I was working as a back office nurse for Doctor Moore. It was a wonderful time for us. Not even two months into my new job we learned we had a surprise coming. Being so young and so far away from family made pregnancy a little scary, however we were surrounded by great people. I felt great support not only from my friends at church but from the staff I worked with and the loving patients I was serving. One of my favorite gifts came from a patient who handmade a beautiful blue dress. I had no idea if I was going to have a "Jared" or a "Jenika" but I would look at that dress and dream of my little girl wearing it. Jared came and the dress was lovingly put in my cedar chess. During the next pregnancy the dress was hung up to air out in anticipation for Jenika to join the family. Douglas came and the dress was tucked back into the chess. The story repeats itself with Kurtis and Derek. When pregnant with Alec I didn't even bring it out, however with my sixth pregnancy the dress was unpacked because this time my sonogram said, "It's a girl". Dillon looked nothing like a girl when he was born so the dress was packed away. I almost gave it away several times and now I am so glad I kept this special gift. What a joy it was to see my granddaughter wear the dress intended for her daddy so many years ago. Thank you Rachel for allowing me to have these special moments with Tori. I love you so much. You are a wonderful mother and I am so grateful Jared and Tori have you. You did an amazing job on the slip for the dress!


  1. Aw that is so adorible :) I love it... Go Jared haha
    Love Shanel

  2. That is so sweet mom! I don't recall ever seeing that dress... it's adorable! She looks so good in it! I can't wait to see you this weekend! I get you all for a whole week. The weather is perfect here mid 70's to Low 80's so dress accordingly! see you soon!

  3. Thanks for your sweet post Mom, you made me cry! Thank you so very much for sharing this beautiful dress with us. And thanks for coming to visit last week - we loved every second!!!!