Monday, March 1, 2010

Photoshoppin' 101

Do you have old photos to restore? Acne to remove? Is that dreaded red eye haunting some of your favorite photographs? Is something lingering in the background of a photo that you wish would go away? Or are wrinkles making you looking older than you want to? Let me help you get rid of it! I have hired my son, Douglas, to teach us the scrapp'n side of Photoshop. He will teach the basics in this class. This class will be offered two different days. The class will include 6 hours of instructional time broken up by a one hour lunch break where lunch will be provided. The student teacher ratio will be small which will warrant plenty of one on one time. You will have a completed project to take home to your family and show off the COOL techniques you just learned. Interested? Sign up now this class is in high demand and seats will go fast. Sign up is in the sidebar with my other classes. The classes are July 16th and 17th from 9am-4pm with lunch from Noon to One.
See you there! Happy Scrapp'n!

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  1. Is Nikki, Douglas, and Linkin coming out this Summer!?? awesome!!! I'm excited and might just sign up to test Douglas on his skills ;). I also do photo shop :)