Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Layout by Carol

Hope you all enjoyed your Mother's day. For me it was a perfect day. Church was awesome. I had breakfast in bed and received a much needed point and shoot camera that can be with me at all times.

We were all able to speak to Elder Allen who is serving a mission for out churchI had a pretty flower to wear to church. . .
A yummy dinner made by the men in my life. . .
It was a great day spent with my kids. If they didn't live here I was able to enjoy a fun skype chat!
Thank you all for a fantastic day!! I love being a daughter to a wonderful mother, a mom to amazing boys and especially a grandma! I know if it wasn't for my husband my mother's day would be just another day. Thanks Mike for teaching our boys by showing and helping them. I love you!

This layout was created by Carol. She teaches many of our Cricut classes, plus once a month she hosts a Cricut crop right her at Scrapp'n Savvy. Our next one is May 20th and she will be showing us the Cricut Cake and we will me making something yummy. You don't have to have a Cricut to come. It is a great time to come and rub shoulders with other crafters and work on some unfinished projects. If you do have a Cricut you can share ideas share fonts and a whole lot more. . . don't miss out.

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  1. And you were just saying that you needed to get a point n' shoot! Looks like you had a wonderful day!