Tuesday, June 7, 2011


You may ask what is a "workation" Well I think this is a made up word by my Douglas. They think vacation means work! I guess we spent to many school breaks painting, remodeling, build fences, gardening, etc... They are now grown men, husbands and fathers and live in different states yet their mom still begs for help. I am so proud and happy that they are my boys and are willing to help me. It was so fun seeing them work together with their grandfather. These very important men in my life are building that "playhouse" promised to me by Santa Clause so many years ago. This my friends is worth the wait.

One brick at a time we will build this "playhouse" so all who needs a place to be inspire and create will have a place to play.

Here my boys are building the south wall. Soon we will have bedrooms! Yeah!

Thanks for a wonderful "Workation" boys! I love you so much!! And thanks for the beautiful wall! WHoot - WHOOT!

Happy Scrapp'n

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