Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Layout by Karrie!

I loved Homecoming week while I was in High School and I love it even more now that my kids are in high school. Spirit week is my favorite, I loved to dress up in fun costumes with my friends and I really loved helping and watching my boys come up with costumes of their own. My oldest is a high school science teacher and he dressing up for his school spirit week. Something you just have to scrapbook. Here is a layout to help you capture those fun memories.

Happy Scrapp'n

Check the post dated 9-12 for information about the sampler.

1 comment:

  1. Thank-you for the pictures Karrie,
    Rosa and I loved the sampler and the mini-book.
    I think it was a bit overwhelming for her since she had never done any kind of cards or scrapbooking, but she is very talented with paint and other crafts so she'll be just fine. We are going to get together this week and work on the book together.
    What time did you go to bed? Hope you get some rest tomorrow.
    Again THANK-YOU, you do have amazing teachers, Maria V.