Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting to know my grandsons - a wonderful treat!

I love being a grandma. It is hard when all my grandchildren live so far away, so when I get the chance to come visit I want every possible moment to get to know them. Linken loves his brother and wants to be with him ALL the time. He think his baby brother should be big enough to play with his toys and he is so willing to share them. He doesn't understand why Grayson doesn't catch them when he tosses them to him. He wants to carry him - scary! Grayson just sits there as Linken pokes at his face to show us his eyes, nose, chin, etc. . . or yanks on his hand so he can bring it close to his face to kiss it. Nikki has her hands full as she teaches Linken to gently love his brother while she must keep both eyes on Grayson to protect him.

While most of my time was spent entertaining Linken, I cherish the precious moments I spent with Grayson. He loved to be held and it was so fun to cuddle with him.

I took many pictures of this new little guy but this was one of my favorites. It is a horrible habit to brake so I never let my babies do it but it is so adorable when newborns find their thumb,

Linken is so much like his daddy as he pushes his luck to see how far he can go without totally breaking the rules. This car was very entertaining for him as it broke the rules of gravity as it climbed up the refrigerator. I love how he is working so hard to make it work like his daddy did.

Playing at the park was one of my favorite activities. Linken was so fun to watch as he played on the toys and interacted with other childern at the park. This was my favorite. As he put his head down he would look at me and say, "Hi Nana" then giggle. Just like his daddy, he knew how to touch my heart.

It was fun to be there for Linken's birthday. His mommy (who is not a fan of baking, cooking etc. . .) made his cake. It was super yummy Nikki and I know when he grows up and looks back at these pictures he will know how much his mommy loves him to get up after just having a c-section to make this very special cake.

Linken and I spent one day at the zoo. I let him lead the way and it was so fun to watch him discover the animals, plants, and rocks along the way.

Nikki you are a good mommy I know these next two months will be a challenge so just remember I am just a skype connection away.

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