Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winners of Scrapp'n Savvy's 1st Blog Hop

From Karen Burniston's blog. . .

Posted by Brenda Laplante -she said . . .Cute card....I love all of your dies and enjoy looking at all the different ways they can be used. I am local and please pick me! Off to the next blog :)

From Audrey Yeager's blog. . .

Posted by myska, - she said... Nice Layout! I love the open space that really helps you focus on the photo!

From Carol Brown blog. . .Link
Posted by Maria V. she said. . . I do not have a Cricut...yet. But I think after this blog hop I might finally get one. I love the little girl and the charm is just adorable. Love it !!!
Maria V.

From Debra Hensley 's blog . . .

Posted by Melissa - she said. . .Very cute cards Debra!

From Margene Boudreaux 's blog

Posted by MartieH - she said . . .So many ideas, love it!!

From Heather Leopard's Blog

Posted by Alicia - she said. . . I love all of the little details in your card! You are so talented and I was so glad to see you're teaching now! :)

Posted by BLAP - she said . . . I love this project...I love doing projects like this one.

From Susan McKinney's blog. . .

Posted by Cynthia B - she said. . .Very pretty! Definitely SO much better to look at than the drab old black cover! Love the rosette and the glittery lips and heart. :)

From Leslie Parlette's blog. . .

Posted by Brenda P. - she said . . .Your directions are perfect. I just made one and now I want to make more for my grandson's pre-school class. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea

From Tove's Mayer's blog. . .

Posted by Alicia - she said . . .So cute! I love that polka dotted paper and your use of the playing card! So creative!

From Scrapp'n Savvy blog and the GRAND PRIZE!

Posted by Mavis Carter - she said. . . Great idea to blog hop! Can't wait to revisit all the talented bloggers!

I would like to thank every one who visited the blogs during our hop. A special thanks to those who took the time to post a comment. This has been my first blog hop and I loved it! You can be sure we will do it again. If you are not getting emails from Scrapp'n Savvy and register.

Happy Scrapp'n!


  1. Ohhh! I'm so excited I won two! WooHoo! I can't wait to see what they are! Thanks again for doing this blog hop! It was so much fun getting to see the projects and get to know the teachers even better.

    1. We loved doing it and we look forward to hosting more blog hops!

  2. I am so, so excited about winning the grand prize! Thank you! I love learning from all the great designers. Can't wait for the next hop.

  3. Wow! I won! It was so great to have a Scrappn' Savvy blog hop. Hope to see another one soon!

  4. Love my prize, thanks a lot.
    I really liked the hop.

  5. Looking forward to the next one!!!! Thanks

  6. Very cool! I just now checked back to read up. Congrats to all the winners - now I have to come up and check out your store. :)