Monday, March 19, 2012


It's birthday time for WHO?!?
Ain't it nifty when one turns 50!?!

Turning 50 is quite an occasion, so we really want to say,
How we truly feel about you, on this very special day.

Thanks, mom for the wisdom, That you shared all through the years.
Thanks, mom for all the times that you talked away our fears.

Thanks, mom for being there for us, to console us through our tears,
And share the many happy times, that we've enjoyed over the years.

We have some gifts to give you, but they never can compare,
To the gifts that you have given us, and the love you freely share.

So, to half a lifetime of love and memories, we look forward to at least 50 more.
With grandchildren coming here and there, already you have four.

We love you so dearly mom and can't thank you enough.
I am sure you pulled your hair out plenty, raising six boys is tough!

Although it was difficult, and probably emotionally trying.
If I said you were the BEST mom EVER, I totally wouldn't be lying!

SO yes, this month is such a special one, happy birthday from your crew!
We can't wait to celebrate this weekend and show how much we love YOU!

Jared, Rachel, Tori, Garrett
Douglas, Nikki, Linken, Grayson
Kurtis, Michelle
Derek, Alec, & Dillon


  1. So cool! Sorry I missed the party, but I have a killer card for you!