Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So we decided that we could not be in Anaheim and right down the street from Disneyland and California Adventure and not go!!! Terri, Michelle and I went for the whole day and Tove joined us afterwards. We had a BLAST!! It was so fun to see the characters and ride some rides. Here are a few: The New Cars land! We had to go to see it since my grandson Linken LOVES Cars!!!
I had to leave for a bit to meet Tove at the show and left Terri and Michelle at Disney. When I get back, Terri tells me that Michelle got so excited to see Minnie that she practically jumped over the table they were eating lunch at and took of running. We so felt like little kids!!
While I was gone they also rode this Ferris wheel. Terri said she thought Michelle was going to lose it. I of course laughed when I saw this!
Then Terri wanted to eat right after!
I wanted to be able to eat dinner with the Princesses. My granddaughter, Tori, is a HUGE princess!I wanted to share this with her. I was hoping the princesses would talk to her over Facetime and they did!!! When we walked down the stairs into the restaurant we were greeted by Arial!
As we were being seated, Michelle asked if we could all have princess crowns. We wore them all night!!
Here is what we had to eat. It was super yummy!
As we were eating the princesses came out to visit each table. They chatted with Tori and Tove videoed them talking to her granddaughter. Michelle was quick to get them to sign a coloring book and then they took pictures with us. It was an awesome experience.
We finished the night park hopping to see both parades. As we came out of dinner the Pixar parade was coming. As soon as I saw the Incredibles coming I called Linken.

Then Nemo came!

Then we hopped over to Disneyland and rode Space Mountain and saw the parade there. The band leading the parade was from Bonita High in La Verne, CA. The high school my mom used to work at!!

Then Aladinn

Then Tori's Favorite! The Princesses!!!!

And Finally my Favorite!  Mary Poppins!!

We spent the last part of our day back at California Adventure for the World of Color.
It was an amazing end to a MAGICAL Day!

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