Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sampler Layouts

Here are a few of the layouts that our fabulous instructors created using the Lucy's Crabshack line from Bazzill.  We hope you enjoy them!
Born Country by Millie

Bazzill Cardstock;
Brown-12”x12”, 3 7/8”x10 ¾”, words
Whirlpool-4”x6”, Boots, hat band
Prickly Pear-5”x12”, 5”x4”
French Vanilla, Hat, Boot flourish, frame backing
Printed paper and accessories;
Bazzill Print; Lucy’s Crab Shack-3 ½”x10 ½”
Clear jewels, White posies, Dash Aqua ribbon,

Tools and Supplies;
Clear Cut photo frame, I-rock pearls and tool, White Uniball journaling pen, Versamark pen, Martha Stewart Cherish punch set, Tim Holtz alcohol ink, Bazzill corner-swirl jewel template, Cricut Old West, Cropadile, permanent glue runner, pop dots, Zyron, glue pen.


1. With the Martha Stewart Cherish corner punch, punch all four corners of the 5”x12” Prickly Pear green paper. Use the Cherish edge punch to punch remaining edges.
2. Adhere the Brown 3 7/8”x10 ¾” to the center of the punched Prickly Pear.
3. Adhere the 3 ½”x 10 ½” Lucy’s Crab Shack plaid print to the center of the brown.
4. Adhere this assembled punched piece to the bottom center of the 12”x12” Brown cardstock.
5. Punch all four corners of the 5”x4” Prickly pear with the M.S. Cherish corner punch.
6. Trim the 4”x6” Bazzill journaling card to fit inside the Prickly Pear mat.
7. Adhere the journaling block to the right upper side of layout, ½” up from the bottom punched piece and ½” in from right side of the 12”x12” Brown Cardstock.

Directions for making the frame:
1. Do all work on a protection covering for your work table.
2. Peel protection film from only one side of the Clear Scraps Acrylic frame, place on mat.
3. Pour several dots of Tim Holtz alcohol ink and blending solution on your blending tool; I used a combination of copper, aqua, green, heavy on the copper.
4. Start dabbing the uncovered side of your frame until you get the look you want. You can wash off with water any undesired color and start over if needed. Have fun, experiment the outcome is always unique. The ink dries pretty fast.
5. When you have reached the desired look you wanted, set aside.
6. Peel film from the back side of the frame.
7. Adhere to a piece of French Vanilla cardstock larger than your frame.
8. Lightly pencil mark around the inside and outside of the frame. Trim with knife or scissors.
9. Use Bazzill jewel template to mark holes on the inner part of the frame. Punch holes as marked.
10. Thread ¼” ribbon through the holes and tie a bow at the bottom right corner.
11. Place white Pansies around bow with glue dots.
12. Using the I-rock tool by Imaginise and the Bazzill jewel template, set the pearls as shown in above example.
13. Assemble boots and hat. Run the words through a Zyron to create stickers and place on layout as shown in example. I used pop dots to adhere hat and boots to give dimension.

Sand and Sun by Terri
1. Prepare the 2 Clear Scrap frames using alcohol inks. The larger frame is made with Pool alcohol ink that is applied with a felt applicator. When the ink is dry, lightly mist with alcohol in a mini mister. This process can be repeated until you have the water like look you desire. The small frame is made using Pool and Citrus alcohol inks together on an applicator. Pounce the applicator on white tissue paper and then blend colors together using blending solution. When dry adhere to frame using glossy accents. Once dry, tear the tissue paper off the outside and inside edges. If you desire a cleaner look, cut the excess tissue instead of tearing.
2. Add the sand effect by mixing small amount of Shabby Blue embossing enamel with Studio matte medium and applying to inside edges of frame using a palette knife or finger. Let dry completely.
3. Cut journaling card into pieces to resemble tags. Large tag (2.5" x 5.5") is made from the striped Bazzill paper and the journaling piece applied on top. Second tag (1.5" x 3.25") is made from the striped paper only and has a crab sticker from the sticker collection. Third tag (same size as tag 2) is only the small piece left from the journaling tag. All edges have been inked using Tumbled glass or worn lipstick distress ink.
4. Cut 3" piece from striped paper. Ink edges. Adhere 2.5" from bottom of a sheet of French Vanilla card stock.
5. Add photo to both frames and add to page using picture for placement. Add tags to left of frames at an angle.
6. Paint edges only of 3 scalloped edge and 2 plain edge mini triangles from the Maya Road mini triangle banner set. When dry, add striped paper that is cut to fit within the triangles. Edges have been inked with distress ink in tumbled glass.
7. Using Whirlpool, Fireheart, Prickly Pear, and Intense Orange card stock , cut banners that range from 1/2" to 2" wide and 1/2" to 2.5" long.
8. Using small craft twine and needle, stitch the banner triangles alternating scalloped edge with straight edge to a 12" piece of cream Maya Road tulle trim. Tie small bows at each end with twine. Attach this banner to page at the ends only.
9. Attach the colored banner pieces you have cut under the tulle. Once all banners are in place, adhere the chipboard banners in place using glue dots.
10. Add Petaloo Darjeeling flowers, small and large, in blue to layout according to picture.
11. Lastly, add the sticker words from the Bazzill collection according to picture.

Fast, Fun, & Done – Howdy Champ – by Leslie
Use the picture for more details in placement, the following information and steps may help.

Bazzill Products

Nightmist: 12x12, 6x8, & (3) 3x2.25
Kraft: 5.75x7.75 & 11.5x0.75
French Vanilla: 2.5x3.5
Two Scoops Prickly Pear: 5.5x7.5 & (3) 2.75x2
Intense Kiwi 6” Just the Edge
Lucy’s Crabshack
My Beach/Beach Bum 11.5” x 11”
4” x 6” Journaling Block
Big Word Stickers

Maya Road Products
Kraft Envelope
Ribbon – 1 yard
Stamps – Just My Type Stamp Sheet

1)  Ink all of the page kit pieces if desired, in brown or black.
2)  Adhere the 11” x 11.5” Bazzill Lucy’s Crabshack print, with plaid side up to the Bazzill Nightmist background. The top, bottom, and right edge should be evenly spaced.
3)  Adhere the Bazzill Kraft 11.5” x ¾” strip about 1.5” from the top edge of the Bazzill Nightmist.
4) Run two pieces of ribbon about 13” each through your Xyron and adhere to the top and bottom edges of the Bazzill Kraft strip.
5) Adhere the Just the Edge border strips to the Kraft strip.
6) Triple mat the Bazzill Nightmist, Kraft and Prickly Pear mats and adhere to page (about ¼” border top, left, and bottom).
7) Double mat the small Bazzill Nightmist and Prickly Pear mats and position along Bazzill Kraft strip.
8) Adhere the 4” x 6” journaling block lined up along the edge of the 6” x 8” Bazzill Nightmist triple mat unit, tuck a piece of ribbon under edge and tuck under plaid print also.
9) Embellish with Bazzill stickers, etc. as desired.
10) Prepare additional stars, using Glitter Ritz and Copic Markers, if desired.
11) Position envelope unit onto the top of the page protector.
12) Upload voice, video and pictures to the sticker.
13) Add pictures and journaling. Enjoy!

Sand in my Toes by Tove

Orange polka dot paper, Script beach paper, titles and tickers, 1 yd Maya Road demine ruffled ribbon, linen fabric (8x9”) Maya Road wooden Polaroid frames(2) White paint, Vintage photo inkpad. Beige tulle, scissors, paper cutter. Tim Holtz metal quote.

Snip the two upper left banners as shown in the picture,(back of the beach script paper)Glue down with a liquid glue.

Cut a 5 ½ “x 9 ½ “off the beach script paper, vertically. Cut about ¼ : off each side from the top, down to 3 ½ “ is left, Cut this off and fold the remaining “fold” under, glue down to make a pocket. Ink, and glue down on the linen. Fray the edges of the linen fabric, and glue down. Add the Hello Sticker with beige tulle bow. Add the together is the best place to be stickers as shown in the photo. Cut your journal tag in two, vertically, ink edges and punch holes for the beige tulle, See photo. Adhere to the page as in the photo. . Add the stickers, Catch a wave and soak up the sun on the tags (cut journaling card)Add photos to your wooden Polaroid frames and glue down. See photo.

Paint the Tim Holtz quote with white paint and wipe off to leave the paint in the script, but not much left anywhere else. Cut a 1 ½ inch circle.

Make a demine flower by gluing the demine ribbon in a circle, start from the outside and slowly work your way in,(cut about10 inches off to save for the wave if you want) Put glue along the outer side of the circle, and then continue with the glue, always on the most outside edge, which will be the inside of the ribbon, as you have gone one complete circle. Continue on in a spiral kind of circle, gluing the ribbon inwards in that same spiral circle until you get to the middle. Curl the end and glue down to make the center of the flower. I have used a glue gun while making my flower. I put white paint on my flower and my wave very lightly and random. Glue down as seen in the photo.

Enjoy a day on the beach, Take some pictures and Voila ….the layout is complete.

There will be more layouts coming as soon as I get pics :)

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