Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joy of motherhood

To all my Razzill Dazzill Bazzill peeps,

I am so sorry that my class was rescheduled for next Tuesday May 26th. My youngest son has been fighting an inter ear infection for the past five day. Yesterday as I was trying to finish the kits for class and comfort my little guy as he was throwing up. Finally around 2 I threw in the white towel and called the store to reschedule. It was breaking my heart to see Dillon suffer. My teacher hat came off and I kicked into full time mommy!

My poor Dillon laying on the floor of my studio trying to find comfort in a small puppy. . .

Today we are off to the doctor to see if there is something else we can to do to help him.

As for my RDB peeps, I will give you a sneek peek of the layouts you were going to do today.

Come back tonight and take a peek!


  1. OH Little Dillon! Lisa has the same thing. She has been out all week with that ear infection thing. Cute picture though mom. Love Ya!

  2. We are so sad you are sick Dillon - hope you get feeling better soon!!!