Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Starting a new journey

I loved my journey with Lone Star Scrapbook but now I feel it is time to redirect my journey on a new path. I just finished a new class at Lone Star that I call Lickety Slip. The concept is to create an album as you live your memories. We prepare the month before so as we live we can record or special experiences as we live them. As I sat down to complete my book it occurred to me that I don’t have enough pictures to document all my memories. UGH! All work and no play makes for a sad mom!
I started my Lickety Slip for 2010 yesterday at Lone Star and my goal is to have pictures with my memories so my book will be totally complete at the end. Although I will not be teaching the rest of 2010 Lickety classes at Lone Star, I welcome all who want to join me in my studio for a small more personal class. I will be holding a class of eight 4 times a month and I have reduced the price to $24.00 because I will not have a room rental fee. You can sign up for the class right here on my blog using paypal or mail in your payment to a PO Box address to be posted later.
I hope you will still come and play!


  1. Thank goodness mom!!! They didn't know the gem they had! Being a gem you tried your hardest to try a shine and bring them to the same level, instead of raising up with you, they covered you in mud and took away your shine. I am glad that shine is back and I will always be here to make sure your pay-pal links are working properly. I am proud of you mom! And if your following, entourage if you will, loves you even a quarter as much as us children do, they will come. Your classes will fill up again and you will not skip a beat! Love you tons! I can't wait to see yo at Christmas, I am glad I have you all to myself this year and I don't have to share you with that life-sucking store. Great for scrapbooking, not great for employing!

  2. Karrie,
    I am so sorry to miss your class today ... I have been sick!! (flu?)

    I am excited about your new journey ... sounds like a real blessing ... more family time!!
    I signed up Shawn and I for your first class in January ... I had to make two transactions because it would not allow me to change the quantity to two. I am just telling you this for clarification so you don't mistake it as a duplicate payment or something. I guess you will give us the details later on how to purchase additional paper, etc... I put my phone number and email information on the Paypal if you need to contact us for any reason.

    I wish you all the best!! Melissa Smith

  3. Karrie -

    Lone Star is a nice store for scrapbooking supplies, but to me, you are the creative heart & soul of the store. Your positive energy and giving nature will be missed.

    I am delighted you will still be teaching your classes. I have signed up for RDB in January and am glad to be able to continue with the series. I am glad I will still have an opportunity to learn from you and experience your creativity first-hand.

  4. This is all very nice, but those of us who signed up for the class in your studio are very nervous, since we have tried to contact you by e-mail and have not received any reply. I paid via paypal and am still wondering just where your studio is and what supplies I need to gather for this class on Jan 7? PLEASE, reply to the e-mails sent weeks ago!