Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love this ad that was put out by my church. It reminds me of Halloween. For me Halloween is all about family time and make-believe. Often we would have family themed costumes which would draw us closer both in preparation time and in deliverance as we came into character. I love how the whole neighborhood opens their doors. It didn’t matter if I was the one staying home to greet the neighbors or if I was walking the street, it always warmed my heart. Today my kids are mostly grown and we don’t walk the street anymore but we still will have our family time. This Halloween will all stay home cuddled in our comfortable spots having our own “Bones” marathon and still we will eagerly press pause to greet our neighborhood goblins. I hope you all have a save Halloween. May you make this day a great family day. Families are forever and fun memories create stronger ties!

Happy haunting my fellow scrapp’n gals

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