Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Mother Bazzill" is back!

We also know her as Millie, the amazing creator of the four generation’s scrapbook and the inspiration behind the Bazzill Heritage Line. After a heroic struggle with breast cancer, followed by another cancer threat of her thyroid that left her with a beautiful trach, she is now ready to start teaching in a smaller more personable atmosphere. She is truly a punch queen who will inspire you in scrapbooking and in life. You can sign up for her class Heritage Memories or class kits right here on my blog!

Lickety Slip 2010 is a family album we create one month at a time. The concept behind this class is to make your layouts and 4x6 journaling blocks the month before so as you document your memories as you live them. With this concept you already know if you need a horizontal or vertical picture for your layouts and all you need to do is place the picture and add journaling. For 2010 I have chosen the S.E.I. Moravia Line. It has a very rich and classy look. This class was a Bazzill product inspiration. With their Lickety Slip Album scrapbooking couldn’t be easier. Each class kit includes the product for two 12”x 12” layouts, one layout being interactive, and two 4x6 journaling blocks.

Razzill – Dazzill – Bazzill is also inspired by Bazzill. Back when Bazzill was just getting started my wonderful brother “Mr. Bazzill” and his wife Marti would fly me to Arizona for my own personal get-a-way. I would take classes at Scrapbooks – Etc. from the very best teachers. They inspired me and gave me the desire to teach as well. In this class you make four 12”x 12” layouts using Bazzill’s latest and greatest!

Cricut Cards is designed to help you get the most out of your Cricut and make four fun cards as well. Millie does use more than just punches; she loves her Cricut and is excited to share her knowledge of this amazing personal die-cutting system

For any class offered on my blog you are welcome to sign up for kits only. We ask that you state that in the notes when you sign up.

My local friends I would love to have you join me on a girl’s night out at our PJ Crop. So many times I have hosted a crop at my past employment and just longed to sit a scrapbook with you girls. In this setting I plan to do just that! So get comfortable even if it means to come in your pajamas for a night of cropping. We will have homemade food and a make-n-take.

Happy Scrap’n
(The people in the pictures featured on these layouts are Millie and her loving husband Orin and their children - Doug, Karrie and Geoff.


  1. your mom is very inspiring ... you and your mom are the super team of scrapbooking!

  2. Karrie,
    I had so much fun tonight in class! Looking forward to many more! And so happy to be attending class on the first day of your new business!