Friday, January 1, 2010

Techonology - a love/hate relationship!

Sorry this is being posted so late in the day. I have been working on the blog entry way too long. I love the new computers my boys gave me for Christmas but they have taken me out of my comfort zone with new programs to learn.

As promised, here are the coordinating layouts from the December Razzill Dazzill Bazzill class! I hope you enjoy them. I loved putting the photos onto the layout because I was able to reminisce my cherished Christmas 2009 memories.

I titled this first one "First Christmas". It was my first grandchild's first Christmas and it was so fun!

Every year we make graham cracker trains however this year we did something a little bit different - ginger bread trees! It was a little bit of Forced Family Fun but by the end I think we all had a good time and they were quite proud of their work.

It's tradition! Christmas Eve you will find the Allen Family acting out the Christmas story, eating Mexican food, caroling and opening a present that we know will be new pajamas! I think I enjoy this day more then Christmas itself.

Just like many homes we do new P.J.'s for Christmas after all it is important to look good for your pictures Hehehe! I try so hard to make them unique to fit the personalities of each one of my kiddos. I love you guys (((HUG)))

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