Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Layout

Happy Memorial Day. I pray you all have a safe day with family and friends. I am so grateful for those who served and sacrificed so we can live. You are always in my heart and make me proud to be an American.

This weeks Weekly Layout was designed by Debra Hensley. She is a rep for the Angle Company and is very talented. She know so many amazing stamping techniques. If stamping is your thing you will want to join her in her class. You can meet her and more fun teachers at my Scrapp'n Sampler June 18th and 19th. Save your seat today.

Creating is my passion- Creating a marriage of 25 years with my dear sweet husband. Creating a family with my two beautiful children. Creating love, happiness and joy. Creating memories. I thrive on creativity! I feel blessed to be able to take that love of creating and channel it to my enthusiasm for stamping and scrapping. Join me in my class, Stamped with Love, as we focus on creating using stamps, inks and fun techniques. Beautiful homemade cards will be the main focus but we will also branch out and do fun projects and the occasional Scrapbook page! Hope to help your creativity blossom as we journey down the road of life together.

Thanks Debra!
Happy Scrapp'n

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  1. WOW Debra! You look fabulous! I would not have recognized you if I ran into you on the street! I hope you are feeling as good as you look!!!