Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marsha Update

Thanks to all who have brought by cards or stayed a little longer to make one. There is still room to add a few more to the basket so please take a few minutes and make a card. If you don't know how stop by Scrapp'n Savvy I have a table set up in the crop room with all the stuff needed to make a card. This up date comes from Stena, Marsha's dear friend. "I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Marha and her family. She has moved from ICU into a step-down ICU. It is a room with 4 people. It is definitely still an ICU situation. The surgeons have decided to wait until next week to do the surgery on her back. Today she started having difficulty breathing. They did X-rays to check on pneumonia. She had fluid in her lungs but was clear for pneumonia. They are giving her medication to draw the fluid down. She is still groggy and there has been no change with her legs. She does not appear to be in pain. Her sister Sharon got the police report. The driver was a 35 year old man. He was not drunk or high. They think he must have fallen asleep. Marsha was in the right hand lane stopped at the light. He was in the left hand lane and swerved into her lane at a high rate of speed. He hit her car on the back drivers side. So it was the drivers side that had the greatest impact. It caused both cars to spin out into the intersection. We do not know the condition of the driver but we do know he survived. We don't know if he was injured. He does have insurance. Sharon was able to get to her car and retrieve all of her possessions except for her large scrapbook tote. It was wedged in so tight they could not remove it. Sharon did get out all of the contents. I will repost as I get more information." Thanks Stena for keeping us all updated.

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