Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Freshman and a Senior, Oh My!

Where has the time gone? I am the mother of 6 wonderful boys. I kind of grouped them into twos. I had the older boys,(Jared ans Douglas),the boys,(Kurtis and Derek) and then the little guys. They were always my little guys yet some how when I blinked they became older boys. (sigh) They are both in marching band. Alec my senior is an officer (Freshman Liaison) plays the bass clarinet and my baby plays the bassoon and is a freshman. They are up early packing their lunch and getting their chores done so they can spend hours out in the sun learning their show. For Dillon he is learning how to march and Alec is learning the new show and helping with all the ne freshman. It is fun seeing them do this together. I never heard Freshman referred to as fish until I moved to Texas but it is one of the "Texas" things that I like. The upper class band members are assigned to a Fish. It is their job to help them and become their band big brother or sister. Well they make these fish for them to wear. I am all about creativity so I Was really excited about this assignment. Alec and I made his little sister a jellyfish. Whoot Whoot!! So fun!
Dillon so happy to be in high school

Alec is so done with me taking pictures! hehehe!

Happy Scrapp'n my good friends

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