Sunday, August 8, 2010

Savvy Swap

Savvy swap = good company, fun projects, yummy food. Susan made Magic Candy Bars from Eagle Brand and a few of you asked for the recipe so here you go. . .

Magic Cookie Bars

1/2 cup butter or margarine
1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 (14oz) can Eagle Brand Sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
1 (6oz) package semi sweet chocolate chips
1 (3-1/2 oz) can flaked coconut (1-1/3 cup)
1 cup chopped nuts
NOTE: I added about 1/2 cup caramel chips to kids like the flavor....

Preheat oven to 350 degrees (325 for glass dish) In 13 x 9 inch baking pan, melt butter in oven. sprinkle crumbs over butter, pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over crumbs. Top with remaining ingredients; press down. Bake 25-30 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool. Chill if desired. Cut into bars. Store loosely covered at room temperature

I love greeting cards especially ones that are homemade. My good friend Sunny Moore would always make homemade greeting cards. No matter how hectic life was raising her five children there was always time to make someone a card. Some of my favorite cards were made by this oh so talented friend.

Our good friend and fellow scrapper, Melissa Tubb is going to start a monthly homemade greeting card swap. If you are interested in joining send me an email and I will pass it on to Melissa. I want to personally invite Sunny to join. I miss her and her cards!

Happy Scrapp'n

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