Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Calling all painters!

I love this land. It has that quiet peaceful feeling that allows you to feel you are out in the wilderness away from every care and concern of the world yet you are only right around the corner. As for Scrapp'n Savvy's new home, it is coming right along. The leaking water pipe is fixed, all the mold infested walls have been replaced and the new bathroom fixtures are being installed.
These are the new bathroom walls. Dad got them up and mom is coming around with the mud to fill in the seams.

Dad moves on to the next wall requiring mending. Say good by to the Aztec cut out
Next step to get rid of the trailer that the house seem to be built around. From the front of the house you would never know but taking a little walk around to the back and UGH!

I will share more pictures next Wednesday.

So my friends who love to paint (hehehehe) It is just about time to put paint on these new walls. Starting at 8:00 am Monday morning September 20th we will be painting and you know what they say, "Many hands, or brushes, makes light work. Lunch will be on us!

Happy Scrapp'n


  1. It is looking so good! I just wish we were there so we could help out too!

  2. Wish I could help! But the school frowns on us taking off for helping friends!

  3. I can hardly wait until Friday to see!!