Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Down to the nitty gritty of Scrapp'n Savvy phase one!

The trailer is going today! Oh happy day!
New product arriving daily . . . Yeah!!!! It's as good as Christmas . . .
The new bathroom has everything but the sink! hehehe so close . .

Finishing touches - Dad adding the base boards. . .
Have you ever watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition with Ty Pennington? He gets so excited and dramatic as he attempts to convey the reality of the show. There always seems to be a little drama with the time crunch as the show is drawing to an end and the family is due back from their well deserved vacation. Let me tell you girls, the drama is real. There has been a few set backs that made us all wonder will we really be ready for the Sampler? ? ? Besides not having enough hours in a day, the sink will be a day late, the parking lot will not be finished, some of the new product will not arrive in time and my parents truck was broken into while at their daily run to Lowe's. Someone felt the need to have my mom's cell phone and dad's GPS system and radio. It is rough when you see bad things happening to wonderful people. I am so sorry mom and dad. I would be ungrateful if I didn't express my gratitude to all who have works so many long hours to make this happen. Thanks mom and dad for believing in me and sacrificing so much to make my dreams come true. Thanks to Leslie and Susan for the many hours of kitting. Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Paula for stepping in with an eager helping hand. Thanks Rigo and Michelle for your endless hours of computer help. Thanks to my husband and children for picking up the slack where I have fallen short on my household chores. Thanks to a fantastic teaching staff your creativity and ideas are amazing. This list is endless because there have been so many helping hands. However I want to thank you, my students, consumers and friends! For wanting a store bad enough that you are willing to jam into one parking driveway, walk past our garbage cans into our back yard where you are greeted by two barking dogs only to be called back out again to move your car. Thanks for your support and understanding. Together we will build Scrapp'n Savvy to become your personal studio where you can learn the latest trend and have the newest products at your fingertips. Phase one is just a day away from being complete and phase two has already begun. I am so excited to have you come to the Sampler.

Until then
Happy Scrapp'n

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