Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creative Escape 2010

My Sweet brother Doug "Mr Bazzill" and Marti have made it possible for me to attend Creative Escape all five years. The first three I attended as a student and loved the royal treatment of being an attendee. The last two years I chose to work as a volunteer. I love it both ways. As an attendee there is quite a bit of pampering and I get to sit more but I tend to stay within my own circle of friends. As a volunteer I not only get to see my grandson Mr Linken twice a year but I get to meet and know so many more people. This year it was fun for me to have some of the same people as last year and to have so many of my wonderful Texas fiends in my Pink Paisley group. Each year as I reflect on the great experience of every moment, I wonder how will Lisa, Mona, Frannie, Carol, Heidi, Marti and Doug come up with another group of fabulous teacher, amazing projects, fun goodies, and a key note speaker that will top this year. Yet they seem to do it every year. Wow! Hats off to you! Being able to visit as family behind the scenes I know that a ton of work goes into this event and the return for them is not monetary. They have a genuine love for this industry and a passion that drives them to insurer the best!

Too all my Family, "Pink Paisley" friends and my "Savvy Scrappers" . . . May we meet again next year at CE 2011

Happy Scrapp'n

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