Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly layout!

Sorry for the delay in this post. Life is crazy here at Scrapp'n Savvy. We are so excited about our new location. Because so many man hours are required to get us in by the Sampler on September 24 and 25th we need to make Millies Memories a kit only class this month. Her class was scheduled for this week. Here is a sneek peek of one of the three layouts that will be included in this kit only class. We know how Millie loves punches so we will be punching all the pieces in the kits that needs to be punched. You can still reserve you kits by signing up on line or giving us a call here a Scrapp'n Savvy

Thank you for your understanding and patients.

As for the weekly layout this week. It was designed by me. I teach two different classes here at Scrapp'n Savvy. Lickety Slip and Razzill Dazzill Bazzill. My RDB class this month will be 9-29-30 You will be able to get a peek of those layouts if you are coming to the Sampler. I will be once again teaching three different interactive layouts. You can sign up for the sampler right here on my blog.
This weekly layout has a vacation theme. The quote on the layout is by David Brenner. It says, "It isn't how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memoreable; it's how you spend your time". Times are hard for most of us these days and it doesn't matter if you were able to take an exotic vacation or you ended up using your vacation days on a "stay-cation" the point is you take time to make memories with those you love. Some of my favorite memories where of vacations spent at home just bonding as a family as we took an imaginary trip to some foreign country, learning some key words of their native tongue and eating dishes from their land. You can purchase this layout at It is $14.00 for both 12x12 layouts. For a better deal you can pre-pay for the month and get all layouts for just $12.50 each!

Happy Scrapp'n

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