Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago through my eyes

Good Morning, Today we walked over to the Rosemont Convention Center to pick up our badges and check out some of the classes being offered. I am super excited!

Not to thrilled with most of the topics we moved on to plan B. On the plane I sat next to a sweet couple who had just gotten engaged. They are from Chicago and the told me I really needed to see the city, if nothing else I need to see the "Bean" and eat at Due's Pizzeria. So we walked to the "L" train station hopped on the Blue Line to downtown. . .

Yep the Bean is a giant metal bean. Because of it's shape and reflective material it is breathtaking to see. Every angle gave you a new perspective of the city as well as your own shape - way cool
Like I said . . . breath taking! While at the train station this very helpful young man helped us with the selection of our ticket and shared with us that there was an amazing new statue in town to check out as well. . .

This forty foot life like statue of Marilyn Monroe was stunning. Every detail was so real. The man in the redish shirt behind me was on the phone telling his buddies and he was looking at this beautiful girl's panties (yes, cloth like lacy panties) and then I heard him say, "No' I am not in a bar this early in the morning" So fun to hear the comments of the people.

Just like Texas, Chicago was under a heat advisory and boy was I hot and miserable. Yet I didn't want to walk back to the train station to go home. I wasn't hungry yet and I wanted to have true Chicago style pizza. So we took a 90 minute boat tour of the town.

We learned so much about the city and how it was built and here are some of my favorite views

These are know as the Corn on the Cob Towers.

This river through Chicago used to be a polluted waste and they went on this big campaign to clean it up. As a result the Chicago River Walk was created and along this walk there is a beautiful fountain that shoots across the river every hour

Feeling a bit hungry after the we get off the boat headed to Due's
We shared a salad and an individual size Numeral Uno . . .
After our yummy true Chicago style pizza dinner we went back to Millennium Park to check out the Crown Fountain. This was the only site we had a hard time finding. It is really cool in that it projects different pictures on the 2 fountains. There were kids running all around playing.

In our search to find the best view of the city's skyline we stumbled across this amazing fountain. It is called Buckingham Fountain. It is huge and it had a changing pattern with lights and water flow. Michelle and I enjoyed the cool mist coming from the fountain while we watched the changing fountain.

I loved the city so much and the unique buildings I wanted to stay to see the city skyline all lit up. I had a cool video of the skyline but I can't quite figure out how to post it. Sorry!

A special thanks to Shira, my plane buddy for encouraging me to see their city.

Until tomorrow my good friends,

Happy Scrapp'n

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