Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The road trip begins

Dad and I were up early finishing the last minute packing before it was time to get the boys. My boys have been gone for the past week on a road trip with the church youth, learning and studying church history and seeing historical sites. We will be picking them up from one road trip then head onto another to Florida.

Dillon thought it would be best to sleep right through it. However he did wake to join in singing with us and to watch some Harry Potter.

The rain was super scary. I was so glad my dad was here pulling this trailer in the rain. It was hard to see and the lightening was all around us. Yuck!!

The KOA campground was so cute. We got set up had dinner and went to bed.

In the morning we started our day with a walk to the beach. What a fun campground.

We are all excited to get back in the truck because our next stop . . . Disney Fort Wilderness Campground - WHOOT - WHOOT!!

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